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Welcome to The Next Steps Community – where our prayer is that you find hope, encouragement and empowerment to live purposely and passionately when divorce is a chapter in your divorce grouplife story.  Take some time for yourself, get a refreshing drink and visit each month to keep in touch with our community.  Each month we are going to post new material that will be helpful to your journey. Together with the leading of the Lord we can learn to step forward with hope and confidence.

Starting over after divorce is full of change, challenges and uncertainties. It represents the end of a life as a woman knew it and the beginning of a life that is unfamiliar yet waiting to be lived. This season can be very lonely and women need support and encouragement on this journey especially when the questions of “how” keep coming up faster than the answers.

ØHow do other women manage their single-again life?
ØHow do I overcome the fear, frustration and hopelessness?
ØHow do I live a single-again life that honors my beliefs as a Christian?
ØHow will I help my children to be ok on the other side of the divorce?
ØHow will I find a job, find friends, find a new place to live…?

The Next Steps Community is here for women to not be alone and to connect women each month through a combination of:

üInspirational and encouraging stories from women who are also traveling the path of starting over
üWisdom and guidance from experts on the “topic” of the month
üVideo interviews
üTips from a coach
üA coaching plan for each month’s topic
üA place for women to share their own stories, favorite quotes, a practical piece of guidance and encouraging messages to be shared back with the Next Steps community
üScripture and Quote of the month to tuck in your soul to lean on

Women can learn to navigate this new life and experience greater growth and a deeper sense of purpose as she steps into her new future with hope and confidence. Then women can turn back to offer their hope and support to another who is just beginning to embark on the painful and daunting path of rebuilding life after divorce.

“Encourage one another daily.” Hebrews 3:13