The Next Steps Video Series

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We have been asked why we spent so much of our resources – time, money and energy – to produce The Next Steps – Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Video Series. The answer came quick – because of our passion for seeing women not only survive their divorce, but thrive as they transition into the life God still has waiting on them. As you can imagine, with two women being asked a question, that one line answer was just the beginnig – we had much more to say. After all, don’t women have something like 7,000 words a day to use? So here are some of the other points that we want to share.

For more than twelve years, we have worked with women, men and children who have faced the daunting task of creating their “new normal”. It is one of the hardest challenges many people find themselves coping with in their lives. Thankfully, several years ago, Steve Grissom charted the way when he founded Divorce Care. This faith based video cirriculum has helped thousands of people with their early grief emotions. However, we kept hearing leaders and participants saying they needed more. The grieving process is only one piece of life after divorce; then comes living life after divorce. Women need a road map as they navigate the unknowns of their fresh start.

The Next Steps video curriculim picks up where most divorce recovery groups end.

  1. For Women Only – we felt there needed to be a safe group for women to share with and encourage one another while working through challenges that are unique to a woman and to a single-parent learning to co-parent with her ex-husband.
  2. Individual or Group Led – we wanted the curriculum to be effective for women using it in the privacy of their home and at their own pace.  We also wanted it to be effective when used in a church’s small group setting and to be an effective resource and tool to aide counselors, coaches and others who work in the area of divorce recovery.
  3. Growth Only – we asked some of the best therapists and coaches in their professional fields to join us in creating this series to offer practical, genuine and hands-on guidance for helping women to grow beyond their divorce.  Our desire is to see women who are stuck in their divorce story (the hurt, anger, loneliness…) to move out of it and into a life where they live intentionally and by desing.

Divorce has changed so many pieces of your life.  There was once a picture you held dear – of a life you would live and that you proyed would end with “happily-ever-after”.  As you physician, counselor and healer, God will know exactly what to do with those shattered dreams, hopes and plans.  He didn’t come for a well-ordered Christian life.  He came for you and your life – just the way it is and He never asks you to “clean it up” before He joins you – He meets you right where you are – messy life and all.  That is exactly why we created the Next Steps curriculum, to join him in helping you to begin putting you new life back together, but with vision, clarity and focus one step at a time.

Blessings as you begin writing the next chapter of your life story!

Sandra and Jennifer