Perhaps you have teamed up with other women to grow together after divorce or you are part of a women’s Bible Study seeking a structured format and curriculum.  The Next Steps Series can be tailored for your specific needs in individual sessions or as a broader study of related topics.

The Lead Your Own Group package provides all the resources you need including 12 DVDs, a Leader’s Workbook covering all 12 topics, a 1 hour Training Session on how to facilitate the sessions and a copy of the book Emerge Victorious – A Woman’s Transformational Guide After Divorce.  Individual participant workbooks are available for purchase at our store.

The Create Your Own package allows you to tailor the curriculum to specific topics rather than the entire 12 part series.  Select any 5 Topics and you will receive the 5 related DVDs and Workbooks.

The Benefits of Leading Your Own Group in Your Own Environment

  • Women experiencing similar journeys find there is a unique emotional identification that is different from the type of support they receive from professionals, family members or friends.  If the group is effective, women will evolve more authentically and inspire one another to dream a new dream.
  • As Women embark on their emerging next steps, having the support and encouragement from other women is very helpful.  Women will also follow the spirit and attitude of the group and become role models for each other.  If other women are taking positive steps toward change, growth and rebuilding a life on the other side of divorce, it will have a positive effect on the other women – to stay in action.
  • It is important for women to see and be with other women who take responsiblitiy for their choices and their new reality and not be anchored in negative and toxic emotions such as denial, shame, bitterness and regret.
  • The group can be held in a private or friendly environment that may be more comfortable to women than a professional or church setting.
  • Having a place to belong while making life-changes is life-giving and improves self-confidence and a women’s overall well-being.