As a professional you see women with different challenges and you are seeking ways to help them move past divorce.  Perhaps you have identified one who is about to make a bad decision when it comes to dating – too soon after divorce – and you want to offer a video and workbook on Dating After Divorce.  You may also have a group of women working in sessions that want to grow together by completing multiple Discussions in the series.  You can tailor this to meet all your needs.

The Professional package provides all the resources you need including 12 DVDs, a Leader’s Workbook covering all 12 topics, a 1 hour Training Session on how to facilitate the sessions and a copy of the book Emerge Victorious – A Woman’s Transformational Guide After Divorce.  Individual workbooks are available for purchase at our store.

The Benefits of Offering this Curriculum to Clients

  • Have your clients watch the video and use your next session to discuss the topic and content.

  • Use the workbook’s next step exercises as your own material for you to work with your single-again women.
  • As a professional, you know the power and success of group meetings and now you can tap into this as a resource with structured material.  Even having your clients watch the DVDs will offer that community.
  • Use the coaching plan as an instrument for you to coach your clients.  You can order more plans separately from the workbooks.
  • You may want to offer and lead group coaching or counseling through your practice or in your community.  This is a great way to share your passion, talents and practice focus.