Georgia Shaffer Certified Life CoachGeorgia Shaffer is an author, professional speaker, licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania and a certified life coach.  Her books include Taking Out Your Emotional Trash, How Not to Date a Loser and a Gift of Mourning Glories.  Georgia hosts a weekly radio show and has started “” to provide valuable one-on-one support for those who want to experience vibrant intimate connections in their personal lives.


Dr. Sabrina BlackDr. Sabrina Black is the CEO and Clinical director of the Abudnant Life Counseling Center, which emphasizes spiritual values.  Dr. Black is adjunct faculty at Ashland Theological Seminary, Cornerstone University and at Christian Research and Development.  She passionately shares a dynamic message of life’s struggles, temptations and triumphs while challenging others to deal with the real issues of daily living through her authorship, as well as during her national and international speaking.  She is the author of Can Two Walk Together? and Encouragement for Spiritually Unbalanced Marriages.  Sabrina’s goal is to help God’s people live the Abundant Life through hope, help, and healing!


Dr. Jennifer ThomasDr. Jennifer M. Thomas received her doctorate degree from the University of Maryland.  She is a motivational speaker and psychologist in private practice with Associates in Christian Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC.  Jennifer is the co-author, along with Dr. Gary Chapman of The Five Languages of Apology.  She consults with companies on leadership and relationship issues and is a popular conference speaker.


Ellen FoxW. Ellen Fox, LPC, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST).  She is a conference speaker, workshop presenter and co-author with Dr. Douglas Rosenau and Dr. Deborah Neel of A Celebration of Sex Guidebook, 2007.  Ellen works tirelessly in helping her clients and women across the country, through integrating proven psychological theories with Biblical precepts, to help them reach their full potential in their walk with Christ.


Joanne AshleyJoanne E. Ashley is a Domestic/Family Law attorney with Crosswhite, Crosswhite, Ashley, Johnson & Allen, PLLC.  She received her JD from the School of Law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Joanne believes that family law involves a much broader range of issues than just divorce and believes in alternative dispute resolutions and women reaching resolutions so they are free to move forward in their lives.  Joanne experienced divorce herself and the joys and challenges of being a single mother raising 3 sons.


Dr. Michele GriffithDr. Michele Y. Griffith is a board certified practicing physician specializing in Internal Medicine and is a medical Director of a large medical practice.  Dr. Griffith attended Yale School of Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.  She completed her internship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and residency at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Griffith is the Chief Medical Officer of “A Doctor in the House, PLLC, a mobile practice providing healthcare in homes and office.  She has also walked in the shoes of other divorced women and is a single mother to 5 children.


Suan RoqueDr. Susan L. Roque received her MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Duke University.  She did her residency work in Charleston, SC.  Dr. Rogue has committed herself to building a thriving practice for women and is the senior physician for the All About Women Clinic.  Daily she walks the talk in her practice of encouraging women through her open door policy to discuss anything in their lives because she knows the strong connection between how women are doing physically, emotionally and spiritually affects their overall health and well-being.


Gwen SmithGwen Smith is a nationally known speaker, author, songwriter and worship leader who inspires women toward the heart of God through stories, songs and Scripture.  Her fun, enthusiastic and relatable communication style puts audiences at ease and bridges generational, denominational and racial divides.  As a co-founder of Girlfriends In God, Gwen has helped thousands of women experience how the Word of God and the power of grace, through Jesus Christ, rejuvenates faith and enriches lives.  Aside from all this, those who know her best would tell you she is just a car-pooling, coffee-drinking, chocolate-craving, Jesus-loving mom, who struggles just like the rest of us with daily issues.  


Sally MeredithSally Meredith is an author, national and international speaker and a gifted teacher of God’s word.  Over 40 years ago she co-founded Christian Family Life with her husband, Don Meredith and they co-authored Two Becoming One.  She has passionately encouraged and educated women – single, married, and divorced on God’s love and His biblical principles for living a life as they run to the finish line and await the Father’s embrace and His words, “you ran the race well my faithful servant.”


Cristen MorganCristen K Morgan,  AAMS Financial Advisor.  Cristen received her BA in Economics and Finance from Hollins University.  She has worked as a Financial Analyst for Bank of America before being accepted into the Legg Mason Wood Walker Professional Development Center as a Financial Advisor.  Cristen specializes in working with women in financial transitions and understands the fears that women have with money management.  She also understands the freedom that comes to them when they are educated and actively participate in their financial lives.


Nichole FingerNichole Finger, MA from the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work.  Nichole Finger is a family therapist with a niche area of assisting families in transition.  Nichole has seen women become paralyzed in their lives through and following their divorces.  She sees the damage that has been caused for the parents and their children when there is not a cooperative co-parenting relationship.  Nichole is passionate about working with people in acquiring new skills to walk successfully into their new lives as individuals, as a “new” family unit.


Jennifer ShutwellJennifer Shutwell is a speaker, author and a transformation expert.  She is a consultant for the document management services industry and has recently transitioned to a boutique research, advising, and consulting firm.  Jennifer is a single-again mother of two daughters and knows first-hand the challenges of balancing a career, single-parenting and making choices that align with her values and beliefs.  She knows most women will need to work for not only monetary reasons, but for emotional growth as well; so she encourages them to begin taking steps to build a career and not just a job to they have to show up for.

Lynn EllisLynn Ellis is an author and speaker.  She received her grief, crisis and trauma counseling through Talbot Graduate School of Theology.  Lynn co-authored the book Coping with Chronic Illness with Norman Wright.  She is involved in extensive research on chronic illnesses and how life’s issues can affect or cause illness.  Lynn has lived as a single-again women for 20 years and continues to encourage and engage with women walking through their divorce and into their futures.    


Nanette RobinsonNannette Robinson is an artist, designer and home stager.  Nanette’s work has been featured in luxury homes, movie set designs, Extreme Home Makeover and HGTV.  With values in mind, Nanette dedicates her efforts of excellence on behalf of each client to the greatest Designer that ever will be from whom she draws all ideas and is grateful to, The Lord Jesus.  Nanette has faced divorce, single-parenting and rebuilding her life after divorce and is passionate about sharing and working with other divorced women.

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