Jennifer Cisney and Sandra Dopf Lee, the founders of The Next Stepssandra dopf and jennifer cisney
series, are leaders in the area of divorce recovery and starting over after major life transitions. They offer encouragement, education and empowerment through their teaching, speaking, writings, trainings and conferences.

Over the past twelve years Jennifer and Sandra have heard countless stories and expressions of a need for additional resources that help women to continue rebuilding authentic, intentional and purposeful lives beyond their early emotional and crisis stages of divorce. The ending of a marriage is very traumatic and most feel they have landed in an unfamiliar world, without a map or direction to find a way to a new normal and a new life.  Jennifer and Sandra have partnered with many experienced professionals to bring The Next Steps series to these women as a roadmap for their journey.

Jennifer and Sandra understand the footprints of this journey because they have also experienced divorce and both the struggles and successes of building a new life afterwards.  They understand personally and professionally the need for women to have the right tools of education and support to help them begin to see a new life vision that is honoring to themselves and to God. Their hope and prayer is for single-again women to heal from their divorce, make sense of their new life and move into their future with hope and confidence.

Guiding beliefs:

  • The Bible is the inerrant word of God through which He has provided us with answers to life’s problems and encouragement for our darkest days with hope and peace that surpasses human understanding.
  • In the restoration of a healthy marriage, but when that doesn’t happen the next choices are critical to the healing and renewal for individuals and families.
  • We are all sinners in need of God’s grace and forgiveness. We are all fully loved by our Father.
  • God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of us – married, divorced or never married.
  • The words of Isaiah 53: “Jesus bore our grief and carried our sorrow when He left His God power in Heaven and became man.”  He hasn’t forsaken us – he knows our pain and our fears.
  • God is a God of forgiveness, offers new beginnings, doesn’t abandon us, doesn’t label us or devalue us and certainly hasn’t given up on any of us – not even when divorce is a chapter in our life stories.

Jennifer CisneyJennifer Cisney Ellers, MA, is a Christian therapist, coach, grief crisis counselor, mediator, speaker and author.  Jennifer speaks and conducts trainings for several national organizations including the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Critical Incedent Stress Foundation and others.  She is also a featured expert in many books and publications and is a producer and presenter on many video series with AACC as well as national crisis intervention training institutions.


Sandra-Dopf-Lee - nsvSandra Dopf Lee is a Christian family law divorce mediator, master level divorce coach, founder of Emerge Victorious training program, speaker and author.  Sandra is a featured expert presenter on many of the American Association of Christian Counselor’s Coaching Video Training Curriculim as well as the Mediation Video Training Curriculum.  She has also served as an adjunct instructor at several colleges and is a featured expert in many books and videos.

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Welcome to The Next Steps Community – where our prayer is that you find hope, encouragement and empowerment to live purposely and passionately when divorce is a chapter in your divorce grouplife story.  Take some time for yourself, get a refreshing drink and visit each month to keep in touch with our community.  Each month we are going to post new material that will be helpful to your journey. Together with the leading of the Lord we can learn to step forward with hope and confidence.
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