How to rebuild life after divorce as a single-again woman, mother or friend? 
Women who are shifting from the early grieving emotions and crisis stages of divorce need a roadmap to navigate the challenges unique to them after divorce.

The Next Steps series is designed to help single-again women on their journey forward by offering important biblical and practical tools and resources.  God can be trusted to do His part, but women must also do theirs.  Each video and growth exercise will encourage, equip and empower women as they:

  • Design a new vision for their life, develop goals and step into their future as healthy and thriving women.
  • Look toward their futures and begin unwrapping the life God has waiting on them.
  • Focus on personal growth and healthy choices as they continue their transformational healing journey.

Divorce is never a chapter that any woman plans on being a part of her life story.  Yet, it is now included in almost 50% of them .  However, the story doesn’t end there.  Women will be inspired to write another chapter as they move toward a new beginning and a new normal with clairty and focus by being intentional in their choices, goals and actions.  Single-again women can emerge victoriously as they continue to step forward on their pathway to building a heathy life after divorce.

The 12 Topics include practical and relevant information that will lead women as they grow beyond their divorce story.  You will find this series offers:

  • Christian professional Experts in their field of study in discussion of each topic and offering their wisdom and encouragement to women in an authentic conversational setting.
  • Testimonials of transparent women who have gone through a divorce and share their own challenges and victories as well as some insights they have learned along the way.
  • A comprehensive coaching-style workbook that allows each woman to customize a plan for herself which allows for greater potential of personal growth and accountabiltity.

“Pray to have the courage to accept yourself when the world bombards you with messages to the contrary.  The courage to love yourself in the midst of all the turmoil, confusion and urgency which pushes and pulls at you each day.  Then, the courage to forget yourself in a loving genuine relationship with Christ.”